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I have grown up in the Memphis area for the majority of my life and grew up going to Germantown Baptist Church as a kid. My relationship with Christ has given me a deep desire to help my community and impact everyone I meet in a positive way, whether that is selling a house, coaching a youth baseball team, or filling up the gas tank for someone in need. My relationship with Christ has also given me an unwavering drive for success, but not necessarily in the sense of monetary gain. I played baseball growing up and this drive gave me the ability to play college baseball, and as a result of playing in college I have been given the opportunity to coach multiple youth baseball teams and help other kids, just like me, go to college with baseball scholarships. To me success is not determined by the amount of money that I make, but by the amount of lives I positively impact. That’s why I became a real estate agent. The overarching goal of being a real estate agent or broker is not to sell as many properties as possible to increase your bottom line, but to develop relationships with people. Selling or buying property is one of the biggest financial decisions a person could make, and more often than not over $100,000.00 is being handled during a real estate transaction. Without being open, honest, and caring, I cannot expect a client to hire me. I take my job very seriously as I understand the value of the properties being bought and sold, and your desire to make the most money possible by selling your house. I care deeply for my clients, listen to their needs, and have developed a plan to sell property quickly, profitably, and stress-free. My clients are my number one priority and I will do whatever it takes to help them. My goal is to go above and beyond for you, to do more than what is expected, and to add more value to you than anyone else. I know that by working together, we can develop a plan that best meets your needs - whether you are buying or selling property. If you ever need anything, real estate related or not, I’m here for you.

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